*Bio from Wes Hamilton's Website

When it comes to leading a happy life, finding the ideal solutions for your own health and well-being can understandably seem like a challenge – and this is something that Wesley Hamilton, as a professional Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Student of Life understands better than most. Indeed, throughout his career, he’s always been passionate about helping as many people as possible find their ideal opportunities in life. He never shies away from it, and this has helped inspire him to lead a revolution in the health, fitness, and well-being industry.

A Traumatic Past

In many cases, the challenges and tribulations in life help shape who we are, and this is undeniably the case for Wesley Hamilton. As a child, Wesley grew up in Kansas City, where he learned from an early age that the opportunities for men of African-American descent were limited – something that would initially lead him down a rough path in life.
Wesley moved out of his mother’s home at 16 years of age and became a father at the age of 22 to a daughter, Nevaeh. He eventually received full custody of her at the age of 23, very shortly before his 24th birthday. However, at the time, his own health wasn’t at its best; at 230 pounds – a high figure for someone only 5’4” in height – he was vastly overweight, and athletic perhaps wasn’t the word he’d have used to describe himself.

However, it was just after his 24th birthday that everything changed for Wesley. After getting shot after a verbal altercation. while walking to his car, he sustained numerous severe industries, including a fractured rib and a severed spine affecting the T11/T12 vertebrae. This would leave him paralyzed below the waist – life-changing injuries that would change him forevermore.

Wesley Hamilton wearing a dark sport coat and black with subtle white patterning shirt sitting in a dimly lit room looking towards the camera with a stack of motivational books next to him.
Wesley Hamilton stays inspired to help inspire others to achieve their potential.
Setting an Example

Despite his newfound injuries, Wesley always knew that his daughter still counted on him – and he recognized that he needed to set an example for her (and perhaps others along the way). As such, after his injury, he started a fitness and nutrition regiment, which would empower him with newfound knowledge. This massive change allowed him to lose 100 pounds in just a year, getting back to a significantly healthier weight.

Ever since then, Wesley knew he could inspire others to find their own well-being and strength, too – and so, he set out to transform others’ lives in the same way as he did his own. He rapidly became recognized as a role model within the CrossFit and bodybuilding communities and even had the chance to appear in several media publications – allowing him to share his message with the world.

Making a Difference For Others

As part of his goal to help others discover their own strength, Wesley launched Disabled But Not Really, otherwise known as DBNR. The charity’s overarching aim has always been to help inspire those living with disabilities to live life for themselves. For his work, he’s been honored and praised by numerous organizations, including the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, and he continues to inspire others through his work as a result.

After all, a disability should never define anyone, nor should it limit what they can achieve – and Wesley himself is, of course, a testament to that.

Website: https://wesleyhamilton.life/   Foundation: DBNR (Disabled But Not Really)