Discover the ultimate handrim collection by Spinergy, featuring the innovative and best in class TC and TC Max Stainless Steel Handrims. Elevate your wheelchair experience with our handrims that prioritize comfort, performance, and durability. Spinergy offers a wide range of options to suit every preference, from ergonomic NaturalFit handrims to budget-friendly aluminum handrims. Looking to excel in your favorite sport? Check out the sport-specific hard ano handrims, tailored to maximize your performance on the court. Whether you seek unmatched ergonomics or economic efficiency, Spinergy's Handrim collection has you covered. Upgrade your wheelchair wheels with the industry's finest handrims and experience enhanced mobility like never before. Choose Spinergy and embrace excellence in every push!


Spinergy's handrim collection offers an exceptional array of benefits for wheelchair users seeking enhanced mobility and performance. The innovative TC and TC Max handrims, in particular, stand out for their cutting-edge design and functionality. These handrims are crafted using high-quality light weight stainless steel and offered in a standard and ergonomic shape, providing users with superior grip and control. The TC and TC Max handrims are not only lightweight and durable but also incorporate advanced thermal resistant technology, which reduces heat build-up during prolonged use. This feature ensures greater comfort and efficiency, making Spinergy's handrim collection a game-changer in the wheelchair industry, empowering individuals to enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience.

We also source and inventory other popular handrims like the Natural Fit handrims. We recognize that everyone has unique needs and so we carry several options offering different features and benefits.

Choosing the Right Handrims for Your Wheelchair

Aluminum Handrims

Aluminum handrims are usually offered as the "standard or no charge" handrim when ordering a new manual wheelchair. Aluminum handrims come in many shapes and finishes, and are always "anodized" to prevent fine dust from turning your hands black. They are typically clear anodized (silver color) or hard anodized (grey or black). The standard round (3/4" diameter) aluminum handrims are usually the most cost friendly and readily available. Silver aluminum handrims are usually the economical option and are known for not showing scratches as much as a darker color. Grey or black anodized handrims are known for added durability against scratches and dents, but each scratch is more visible against the darker color.

Stainless Steel (TC & TC Max) Handrims

Spinergy manufacturers the TC (Tactical Control) and TC Max handrims. The TC model is a 3/4" diameter round tube design (standard shape) and the TC Max model is an ergonomic oval shape for better ergonomics.

Both models feature our unique embossed texture improved grip, reduced friction heat build-up and to help mask any nicks or scratches so they look great for a long time. The special stainless steel is lightweight and won't turn your hands black like aluminum can. The TC is great if you prefer the round tubing. The TC Max is our biggest seller because of the larger surface area for more efficient propulsion and braking, and for the comfortable ergonomic shape.

Natural Fit

Natural Fit handrims set the standard for ergonomic handrims. They came to the market with the "Original" model, and now have several models to match your specific needs. LT, Surge and Q-Grip. Additionally We offer Natural Fit Thumb Guards for added surface space to help ease some of the stress on your fingers and hands during propulsion and braking.

What Are Handrims on a Wheelchair Used For?

The handrims on wheelchair wheels, also known as pushrims, are the part that the person grips to propel the wheelchair. They come in many shapes, materials, colors and surface finishes, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. They can also be used for extra stability when transferring in/out of the wheelchair. Choosing the best handrim that fits your needs will make a significant difference in comfort and propulsion efficiency.

Are Handrims Customizable?

There are many handrim models in the market. They come in different shapes, materials, colors and surface finishes. Once you've selected the handrim you want, you'll have a chance to determine how the handrim is mounted to the wheel - "Short tab," or "Long tab" - this determines how close the handrim is positioned to the wheel (Natural fit handrims with thumb guards are only long tab). Once you've selected the handrim model, size and color, usually no further customizations are available.

How Do Handrims Enhance Wheelchair Performance and Comfort?

Wheelchair handrims, also known as pushrims, play an important role in the performance, comfort and maneuverability of a manual wheelchair. Handrims are your interface for wheelchair propulsion 2000-3000 times per day, so selecting the most suitable handrim for your needs can also help to mitigate upper extremity and hand or wrist injuries.

Since handrims come in many shapes and surface finishes, careful consideration during the prescription process should be given. A properly selected handrim will increase performance and maneuverability of the wheelchair, provide a comfortable push, and help to prevent repetitive use injuries in the short and long-term.

* Free TC or TC Max Offer valid worldwide. Exclusions apply. Does not apply to WIRE wheel orders. Free shipping except on international orders.