Pneumatic wheelchair tires offer a smooth, comfortable ride with superior shock absorption and traction. Ideal for navigating uneven surfaces, these air-filled tires provide both comfort and durability to your wheelchair wheels.
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Choosing Pneumatic Wheelchair Tires

Pneumatic Vs Solid Tires

Pneumatic wheelchair tires offer a smoother, more comfortable ride with better shock absorption, ideal for uneven terrains. In contrast, solid tires are low-maintenance and puncture-proof but provide less cushioning and a firmer ride. Choose pneumatic for comfort and varied surfaces, or solid for durability and ease of care.

Why Spinergy?

Spinergy is the leading manufacturer of high-performance wheelchair wheels. Our wheelchair tires are crafted with a passion and understanding for what it means to ride comfortably. By adding our pneumatic tires to your wheelchair wheels, you’re setting yourself up for a more comfortable and smoother experience no matter where you’re going.