Experience enduring aesthetics and peak performance with the TC Stainless Steel Handrim. Crafted with a high-tech stainless steel tube construction, these wheelchair handrims are both lightweight and exceptionally durable. The TC handrims offer a range of benefits, including a signature embossed texture that not only adds a sleek look but also effectively conceals scratches. The "Tactical Control" texture enhances grip and dissipates heat, ensuring a non-burning experience even on downward slopes. These handrims remain cool to the touch in hot sun conditions, feature an easy-to-clean surface, and are non-sticky for added convenience. For an ergonomic, oval-shaped alternative, explore the TC MAX Stainless Steel Handrim. Elevate your wheelchair experience with TC, combining lasting aesthetics and optimal performance for a smoother and more comfortable ride.


Look Unique clean appearance
Wear Stays looking great
Feel Non-sticky, cool even in hot sun, non-burning on down slope/low friction
Grip Embossed texture
Hygiene Easy clean surface
Grip marking Does not transfer to skin
Quality Spinergy design + testing